We held our opening meeting in April 1989 at Prince Albert Community Centre. Soon we our present Port Perry location and had a new permanent home.  We find it important for individuals to train and learn at their own pace and for their own reasons.  You do not have to compare yourself to others, just enjoy moving down your own path.  All are welcome, we like to say from 5 to 75 we have something for you.

Hanshi Sensei Fred H Walker 8th Dan – Co – founder & original owner of HBK.

Renshi – Thoughts

In 1989, I was approached by a fellow Martial Artist and asked if I would like to be part of a new  Martial  Arts School (Dojo).  I immediately said yes and HBK) became a very important part of my life and also my Wife and Children.  It was a comfort for me to know that my 3 Ladies had a better than average chance of defending themselves in a bullying or worse situation.  This April 2019, we will be celebrating 30 years of teaching Adults and Children self defense, self esteem and physical fitness.  Over the years, the Instructors at HBK have dealt with students with Autism, Tourette’s, Epilepsy and Down’s Syndrome and hopefully made a difference in their lives.  By the way, the fellow who asked for my help 30 years ago was Hanshi Fred Walker “8th Dan” and I am Renshi Brian Norrish “6th Dan”.  Drop by our Dojo and see what we do or, even better, bring your Kids and get on the floor and try a workout.

See you at the Dojo.


About HBK Martial Arts from Renshi Brian Norish
Renshi Brian Norish

I began my martial arts in my younger days and trained for about 5 years before starting my own bussiness and family commitments became my priority. In 2000 I wanted my son to be exposed to martial arts and HBK looked like the kind of Dojo I wanted my son to train in. We joined so we could train together. He ended up quitting at the blue belt level and I stayed.  20 years later I am 2 dan in Karate while also continuing to  train in Kung Fu. Dec 19th 2019 HBK’s owner unexpectedly decided to retire and close the Dojo.  After seeing the changes we have made in the lives of so many students both adults and especialy the kids I  could not let this happen so with the support of all the existing Blackbelts and members I  re-opened the Dojo within days in the same location, with the same intructors and students. While my 25yrs+ martial arts experience may sound like a lot I am lucky to have many blackbelts on the HBK team with more Karate experience than I have and I am content to work in the background while the highest ranking Blackbelts continue to carry on what I wanted to preserve.

Sensei Jim Shullman learn about HBK martial Arts
Sensei Jim Shullman