January Newsletter

Welcome to our first monthly newsletter. January was quite a busy month with Hanshi unexpectedly closing the Dojo and Sensei Jim stepping up to re-open it with lots & lots of help from all the other Sensei (and Ali). We also held our first grading which went remarkably well. The students all performed well and everyone at the grading table thought it was the best grading we have had in years. We are currently deciding on a new logo to be used on the new Gi’s and certificates. Don’t worry no one is going to have to buy a new Gi and anyone with the original crest will have the prestige of being one of the ‘original’ members. Our new Dojo will be more open to recommendations from the Blackbelts, members & parents than we ever were in the past. I cannot say every recommendation will be adopted, but they will all be given consideration so if you have a idea or request feel free to bring it up.

As you all can see, the renovation downstairs has slowed down, but it is looking great and they are doing quality work. At this time, I do not know when we will be moving downstairs and we hope to start clearing out/organizing the room adjacent to the changerooms in the next week.
There will also be some minor changes to the curriculum coming soon. Many of us believed that the way and order some techniques were introduced could be done better and while changes had often been discussed they were never pushed through due to the amount of work it takes to revamp everything even with just a few changes at each level. Sensei Greg has been putting a lot of work into this and we all like what he has done so far.

If anyone would take a moment to write a Google review after searching HBK Martial arts, or at least do a search then look around the site for a few minutes (or just leave the site in a open window while you do something else or leave a review on our Facebook page it would be appreciated. Unfortunately our old hbkmartialarts.com domain was let expire just before the takeover and was quickly purchased by someone else so I had to buy hbkmartialarts.ca ( difference .com to .ca) This resulted in us losing our many years of building rank with the Google search engines. Some searches with a visit to the site and Google reviews could go a long way to helping us show for searches like ‘port perry martial arts’ where we used to be number one and no longer show at all. Currently our site content is not very good. I will be adding more content to the site to keep it current and rearanging the pages and do some SEO work in the backend.( as I learn more about websites)

Once more I would like to thank all the members who have stepped up to not only keep HBK existing, but also donating countless hours of their time improving what we had. Also thanks to all the parents for your support. When I did the takeover I was hoping for some help and did not dream that so many would do so much.

Well I quess thats it for now. This is our first newsletter so be patient. I am sure they will get better. Sensei Jim